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Priya packers and movers providers offers end to end packing and shifting services which includes, disassembling and packing of household goods (e.g. furniture, home and kitchen appliances, kitchen items, bedding etc), loading, transportation with insurance, unloading, unpacking and rearranging.

Besides domestic& international household shifting services, we also offers other related services such as:

  • Local and interstate office relocation.
  • Short term storage and warehousing services.
  • Door to door household goods packing and moving.
  • Industrial goods packing and transportation.
  • Interstate Car transportation.

Broadly speaking, we offer complete service from packing to transporting and delivery of goods at the desired destination. But sometime they also offer just packing service for do-it-yourself transportation.

As a movers and packers service provider, we deal with various stakeholders. Since the major part of our business will be coming from the individual customers, we have to carefor their expectations. Here’s what is expected from us as a packers and movers service provider in Bangalore.

Overall quality of service

Needless to say this. As a potential movers and packers company, we will be offering services to the individual and corporate customers and when we are in the service business, we can’t afford to go wrong in the service quality. We are expected to offer great quality services from end to end like quality of packing materials, loading and unloading services, office shifting, house relocation and so on, everything have to be exceptionally good.

Safety of goods

The purpose of using packers and movers service is pretty simple. As a customer, you want your goods to be packed and delivered timely and in safe condition without any damage, theft or misplacement. This goes without saying that we have to ensure safety for an individual and corporate customer.


Relocating to a new home is a complicated process and that’s why customers hire a professional movers and packers service provider. We have to be professional in any business, but especially so in service business, where we don’t have the monopoly.

Commitment to deliver on time

Obviously, everyone wants to get their goods within the committed delivery timeline. For end customers, it is important because they have everything with us, so they can’t start their life in the new house unless we deliver their household goods. For industrial and commercial shifting, their efficiency and commitment is at stake, so we have to meet the delivery timeline.

Prompt and clear communication

No one likes hidden agendas and hence a clear cut communication can help usto win customers. As a movers and packers business, we have to train our self and our team to communicate everything clearly and promptly.

Value your words

This is important for any business, including the packers and movers business. We should value our commitment and words. We can’t end up quoting less for a task and then change our quote in between. Whatever we have committed, should be fulfilled to best of our abilities.

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