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Priya packers and movers is one of the most trusted names in providing the secured and reliable Warehousing Services. The warehousing & storage facility includes multiple loading docks, provided with huge amount of space for placing of materials at the time of receiving and shipping. We know the importance of safety of loading while forwarding them to a different destination. We realize that any damage to goods can ensure a significant loss to our customer. Therefore, we take maximum safety measures to ensure that no harm is suffered while transportation. For this reason, we also give warehousing services to our customers.

Our professional experts who are well trained and know the smartest methods to handle special task. They maintain inventory controls for your materials from the time they arrive on our loading goods to the time they reach on our locations.

Our warehouses can securely and conveniently store Computers, Documents, Home goods, Antiques, Furs, Linens, Mattresses, Electronic Appliances, Musical Instruments and endless different stuffs. We provide the best warehousing and storage services for storing such goods, for a specified time frame. Priya Packers provide excellent corporate warehouse facility and storage with inclusive security at very reasonable rates. We additionally give 27/7 security of products in the warehouses and all the essential help required for the customers to diminish overheads, increment proficiency and cut down significant management time.

Warehousing facility is availed by the corporate and commercial users as well as by the individuals, wherein goods are stored and we care your goods, at the destination of choice, for a definite period of time. For worldwide exporting, we store and ship as per the customer's guidelines, and comparably at the hour of imports, we arrange delivery from ports, store and dispatch products directly to the predefined goal.

We offer you the advanced service offerings on Warehousing services, which are appreciated for the additional benefits it comes with, like cleanliness, safety and temperature controlled. Bangalore based Priya Packers warehouse is established by us keeping in mind all the safety aspects so that the stored items can be protected from all unexpected damages. Spreading over a large area our distribution center has a large storage capacity because of which we can store various things independently for the simple recovery.

Key highlights of our warehousing services:

  • Use specific methods to manage special materials.
  • Warehousing and storage services for storing.
  • Maintain inventory controls for your materials.
  • Adequate corporate warehouse storage with tight security system.
  • 24×7 security of goods in the warehouses.
  • Team of professionals to handle warehouse requirements.
  • Proper support needed for customers to decrease overheads.

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